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What Will Most Motivate You To Start Seriously Buying Bitcoin?

bitcoin-chart-10-day-march-31-smallThe Bitcoin exchange rate continues its weak, bearish trend with bullish buyers happy to remain on the sidelines pending stability or reversal of the downwards trend. While this impasse continues the market will continue to slide, possibly resulting in a much larger break downwards. The intentions of buyers waiting on the sidelines are pivotal over the next week or so

What event will most motivate you to bullishly  enter the market and begin serious buying again?

Posted in Bitcoin, created by Editor 4 years ago. 215 voter(s) registered 215 vote(s) on this poll. Last vote 4 years ago.
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An extended period of price stability (13 Votes)
A sustained upwards trend (29 Votes)
A specific price target (19 Votes)
Really positive news (22 Votes)
I am already buying at these levels (102 Votes)
I am holding what I have and/or have no plans to buy (30 Votes)

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